Loyalty and Enmity: Parallels between Islam and the Mafia


The deadly price of betrayal.

Beyond Ferguson


Race-based violence in the rest of the country — and what can’t be said about the perpetrators.

Rise of the Barbarians


America’s crisis of masculinity and its dangerous consequences.

What the Arab World Produces


And how the world suffers the consequences.

Teen Caught on Video in Black Mob Beating of White Student —- Acquitted

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.04.39 PM

Not enough evidence to convict the assailant? The film says otherwise.

‘Hold On, They Got a White Dude’ in Memphis


Laughter accompanies a black mob beating a white victim into unconsciousness.

Is Jihad Un-Islamic?


Wishing something doesn’t make it true.

The Ferguson Lie Comes Undone


The irrelevance of “white racism” to the chaos in Missouri.

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Muslim Persecution of Christians with Michael Coren

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 1.23.14 PM

And the Western media’s silence.

Happy 30th Birthday, Central American Humanitarian Crisis


The Left’s claim that the border crisis is due to a surge in Latin American violence goes up in smoke.