Obama Judge Based Gay Marriage Ruling on Misquote of Constitution


“Our Constitution declares that ‘all men’ are created equal. Surely this means all of us,” wrote Allen.

First You Laugh: Rules for the Knockout Game


Why are police ignoring the brutal beating of Jeanne Doucette and her boyfriend?

Terry McAuliffe, Victim of Cuban Dirty Tricks


Why the left-wing gubernatorial candidate was likely caught on Castro’s Candid Camera.

A Last Look at the Battleground States


Judgment day.

The Media’s Racial Prison


Campaign race rhetoric heats up — and reveals the bigotry in the leftist mind.

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A Censored Race War?


Why some racially motivated violent crimes just aren’t news.

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Virginia Senate Candidate Honors Hamas Associate


Tim Kaine speaks at event honoring Muslim Brotherhood “founding father.”

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Where is Our Contract with America?


Republicans can’t rely on anti-Obama sentiment alone.

Never Letting a Serious Crisis Go to Waste


Will Obama exploit the BP oil fiasco to further his environmentalist agenda?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Honors U.S. Military Personnel

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City provided a touching tribute to U.S. military personnel during church services on Memorial Day weekend. Let us follow St. Patrick’s lead by honoring our fellow Americans who have gone into harm’s way to protect and defend us, and who continue to answer the call to duty. They are truly our nation’s best; and we do not understand or appreciate them enough.