Comrade Putin’s Fascist Temptation


The ties that bind Putin to gangsters masquerading as politicians.

NATO Chief: Putin Behind Anti-Fracking Campaigns


It’s hard to say whether the Russians or the Saudis are more frightened of Western fracking.

Hillary: Reset Button was “Brilliant Stroke” Until Putin Invaded Another Country


“In retrospect it appears even more so, because look at what we accomplished,” Hillary said.

Thomas Friedman: Weaken Putin with Amnesty and Carbon Tax

Journalist Thomas Friedman moderates a plenary session on strengthening market-based solutions during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York

It’ll be a Socialism Race.

Putin Brings Back the May Day Parade to Red Square


Putin awarded “Hero of Labour” medals to five workers at a ceremony in the Kremlin.

Former President of Ukraine Belatedly Realizing Inviting in Russia was a Bad Idea


Yanukovych said he hoped to persuade Putin to return Crimea.

No, 30,000 Alaskans Did Not Sign a Petition to Join Russia


Most of the signers don’t even list a state.

While Putin Masses Troops, Obama Babbles About the 21st Century

US President Barack Obama and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

“That is not how international law is observed in the 21st century.“

UN Resolution “Isolating Russia” Doesn’t Actually Mention Russia


“It is a warning to Putin to not go further or face even greater global criticism.”

Disgraced Ex-Obama Official: Obama Should Think of Putin as a Republican


“Looked into Putin’s eyes and had seen a stone-cold killer.”