Harry Reid: Republicans Helped Russia Annex Crimea


The Senate leader “sounds completely unhinged.”

Dem Senator on MSNBC: Russia’s “Weak” Invasion Proof of Obama’s “Strength”


If Russia invades Alaska, just think how weak Putin will look.

Kerry: “We Hope President Putin will Recognize that None of What We’re Saying is Meant as a Threat”


Putin should “understand that we are prepared to respect his interests and rights”

Putin Threatens to Use Ukrainian Women and Children as Human Shields


“Let them try and shoot at women and children.”

Time Mag Writer Who Claimed Putin Wouldn’t Invade Ukraine, Now Claiming Putin is Losing in Ukraine


With a track record like that, I see no reason not to believe him.

Are Critics of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine ‘Warmongers’?

Concerns Grow In Ukraine Over Pro Russian Demonstrations In The Crimea Region

No one seriously believes that Putin is going to stop at his latest invasion point.

Why Putin Invaded Ukraine

Armed servicemen stand near Russian army vehicles outside a Ukrainian border guard post in the Crimean town of Balaclava

Three words. Because he could.

CNN: Is “Putin Bullying Obama” ?


This is what American power has come down to.

Why Ukraine’s Russian Problem Won’t Go Away


It’s the same problem in Venezuela or Egypt.

Is Russia Bringing Down Turkey’s Islamic Government Over Syrian Civil War?


Erdogan’s crisis began with a Russian crackdown