Putin Makes it Official: RT is the New Pravda


“Russia has its own independent politics and strongly defends its national interests.”

The Indomitable Natalia Gorbanevskaya


A noble voice of the Soviet dissident movement passes from the stage.

Why the Syrian WMDs Don’t Actually Matter

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Obama’s mistake was hinging an attack on Syria on WMDs

How Russia Cashes in on UN Corruption


For much of the past decade, Russia has been engaged in a systematic effort to stymie attempts to root out corruption in U.N. spending.

Putin Offers Russian Peacekeeping Troops for Golan Heights


This is probably the best offer Putin made since the time he offered to trade Obama all of America’s nuclear codes for a handful of red jelly beans.

Obama’s Russia Reset Now Officially a Complete Failure


“There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,” the US secretary of state told a news conference in Dublin hours before going into a meeting with her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. “But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”

Obama’s Mail Bag


The president shares a few of his most memorable post-election correspondences.

While Obama Golfs, Vladimir Spies on America


Some of this technology was going directly to the Russian military, including into advanced submarines so that the United States was directly equipping the subs that it might one day have to fight.

Why Putin Cannot Afford an Obama Defeat


If conservatives win in America and elsewhere, domestic drilling will go into high gear and the price of oil will drop. If the price of oil drops, Russia is wiped out.

Assad’s Russian Lifeline


How Moscow is helping the Syrian dictatorship stave off collapse.

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