Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist


A Truth Revolt video.

Budget Battle Royale

As Deadline On Debt Reduction Impasse Looms, Super Committee Meets Over Weekend

The “CRomnibus” bill pushes through.

Judeophobia on Full Display at UCLA


Students vote for economic warfare against the Jewish State.

Keystone Killed

A TransCanada Keystone Pipeline pump station operates outside Steele City, Nebraska

Desperate Sen. Mary Landrieu loses the vote, and likely her Senate seat as well.

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet and Obama Shrinks Away


East meets Western weakness.

Did I Move?


Or did America become different through mass immigration?

U.N. Laments Saudis’ Rejection of Security Council Seat


The moral indignation of a human rights abusing nation.

Democrats’ Peculiar Definition of ‘Settled Law’


Wouldn’t the law have to have been passed constitutionally in the first place?

Destroying Norway’s Socialist Paradise?


Norwegian voters go conservative – and the media go ballistic.

The Death of Amnesty 2013


America dodges a bullet.