Democrats Vote the Mentally Disabled


My Thanksgiving Dinner served as an appalling reminder of the Left’s contempt for the voting process.

Maine GOP Chairman: Unknown Black People Swarmed Polls in Rural Maine


The outgoing chairman of the Maine Republican Party says he’s looking into reports that “dozens of black people” unfamiliar to local elections officials showed up to vote in rural Maine towns on Nov. 6. “It doesn’t matter to me whether they’re black or Chinese or Indonesian. The issue isn’t that. The issue is that people have come into vote that no one had seen before,” he said.

Complaint Filed over Illegal Alien Voters


Tens of thousands may have cast ballots.

Obama’s Black Panthers Are Back Intimidating Voters


Racist thugs camped outside polling places is not voter intimidation… when they’re black racist thugs. Obama’s Atty General Eric Holder got these particular racist thugs off hoping for exactly this outcome.

Democrats Abusing the Elderly and Mentally Challenged to Vote for Obama


The father, Cecil Pearson, said his daughter – who is 40 but has the “mentality … of a 7-year-old” “They brought her a piece of paper and they indicated which block to check. She voted for Barack Obama and was coaxed into doing that.”

Dem Caught Red-Handed Promoting Election Fraud


Another clue as to why the Left so vehemently opposes voter ID laws.

Democratic Party Field Director Caught Plotting to Create 100 Fake Votes (VIDEO)


Moran advised falsifying documents to satisfy Virginia’s new voter ID law. He said, “Bank statement obviously would be tough, but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

A Vote for Every Murderer and a Ballot for Every Rapist


Behind the campaign to let felons vote.

Voter Fraud and the Most Important Election in History


The Left has too much to lose from voter ID laws.

One Woman, Two Votes, Proves Voter ID is Unnecessary (VIDEO)

The old Tammany machine pols used to tell their constituents/dependents, “Vote Early, Vote Often”. The new Tammany machine shows you how to actually do it