Democratic Party Field Director Caught Plotting to Create 100 Fake Votes (VIDEO)


Moran advised falsifying documents to satisfy Virginia’s new voter ID law. He said, “Bank statement obviously would be tough, but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

A Vote for Every Murderer and a Ballot for Every Rapist


Behind the campaign to let felons vote.

Voter Fraud and the Most Important Election in History


The Left has too much to lose from voter ID laws.

One Woman, Two Votes, Proves Voter ID is Unnecessary (VIDEO)

The old Tammany machine pols used to tell their constituents/dependents, “Vote Early, Vote Often”. The new Tammany machine shows you how to actually do it

Did the Tea Party Just Gain a Major Advantage in 2014?


Opening up the system can only hurt the entrenched interests of the left, which depend on voter fraud and disenfranchising entire groups of voters, but mostly on competing against a moribund Republican Party that is satisfied with the latest iteration of the status quo.

The Radical Judges Who Struck Down Texas’ Voter ID Law


Just in time for the November election.

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Obama Threatens Florida over Purging Non-Citizen ‘Voters’


Deep corruption and the Justice Department’s mission to sabotage fair elections exposed.

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Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction


Separating the manufactured scares from reality.

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Why the Left Doesn’t Care About Voter Fraud


Fun with Eric Holder.

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Messing with Texas and Deceiving the Public


Obama administration hides the fact that more whites would be affected by the state’s voter ID law.

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