The Left’s Quest for Texas


Dems lay the ground work for the next Alamo in hopes of turning the Lone Star State blue.

Newt Gingrich’s Keynote Address at Restoration Weekend

Picture 22

A political visionary discusses the path forward for conservatism.

Voters Support Conservative Values


Why the exit polls give reason for hope.

Obama and the Politics of Contempt


The president’s campaign strategy has been to promote hatred of the opposition.

Have Sex With Barack Obama


Hollywood makes its pitch.

Obama’s Military Voter Suppression Campaign


Why help people who don’t like you with voting?

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Saudi Arabia’s Gender Apartheid City


The Kingdom’s bizarre plan to build a female-only urban center.

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Egypt’s Presidential Elections: What’s at Stake


Islamist-minded voters hold the fate of the country in their hands.

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Obama’s Greatest Crime


Permanent mob rule on the way.

GOP mines coal-country anxieties –

Republicans believe there are three words so powerful that they might reshape the political order in an economically beleaguered corner of the country: War on coal. With Democrats holding total control of the federal government and a cap-and-trade bill still looming, the GOP is fanning widespread coal country fears that the national Democratic Party is […]