The War on Former Muslim Women


The high price that heroes like Ayaan Hirsi Ali pay for telling the truth about Sharia.

Wafa Sultan Exposes Islam While Debating Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad


A Muslim Sheikh exposes his own religion by truthfully explaining it.

Another Moderate Muslim Joins the Jihad: Mustafa Akyol


It’s one thing to sell ignorant infidels the idea that Islam is peace. But the charade crumbles when the Jews come up.

Betraying Iranian Women


U.N Commission on the Status of Women looks to Iran for advice on women’s rights.

A Profile in Courage


An open letter to Geert Wilders.

See No Anti-Semitism, Hear No Anti-Semitism


A Jewish columnist takes the Anti-Defamation League to task for its deafening silence on the new global Jew-hate.

CPAC Shills for Islamic Terrorists


Troubling developments at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The Railroading of Geert Wilders


The Netherlands leaves justice behind.

Sharia’s Dominion

Sharia in Swat

Two books argue that repression, cruelty, and fear are central to Islam.

Cracks in the Islamist Curtain


Unprecedented defiance in the heart of the Muslim world.