Conservatives Balk at Ryan Gov. Funding Plan


While the president may be showing signs of cracking.

Wall Street Journal debate: Does the internet make us smarter?

As I type this, I have eight tabs open: personal blog, two articles, NewsReal Blog, Newsreal composition page, search, Hot Air and Twitter.  For most of us, web navigation and related multi-tasking is intuitive now.  It’s common to deftly move from page to figurative page of our mind, represented in neatly arranged tabs. Our natural [...]

BP’s Other Oil Crisis


Why is the scourge of the Gulf Coast still doing business in Iran?

Obama’s Crony Capitalism


Chicago’s ShoreBank is too politically connected to fail.

Another Look at the Problem of Refugees

In mid-May, as usual, many newspapers around the globe devoted their pages to the seemingly irresolvable problem of Palestinian refugees. For instance, on May 16, the website of the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported from Israel:
According to the United Nations (UN) figures, some 726,000 Palestinians left their homes 62 years ago, shortly before [...]

The Threat We Face


Crystallizing who our enemy is — and the policies we need to prevail.

The Bar of Treason and the Al Qaeda 7

The most important fiscal bill in our country’s history is on the verge of being passed or defeated. It dominates all news as it should. It is opposed by a double digit majority of the people and strongly opposed by a 2-1 margin over those who strongly support it. There are [...]

The Future of Capitalism


Ira Stoll surveys the economic scene.

The Audacity of Nope: Chris Matthews Thinks Scott Brown Should Wait Untill His Career is Over to Write a Book—Unlike Barack Obama

The New Mark Twain?
Newly minted Senator Scott Brown has been offered a book deal, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks he should just say no:
MATTHEWS: Time for the “Sideshow.”We learned today that Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who has been a senator for just 35 days, has a book deal.
According to “The Wall Street Journal,” Brown is [...]

Tom Brokaw Lets Baby Boomers Off the Hook

In Tom Brokaw’s documentary Boomers!, which aired last week, the main subjects — six baby boomers — asked the narrator at the end of the program what he thought a good word was to describe the baby boomer legacy. To which Brokaw answers, “Unrealized.”
Brokaw had spent the better part of the two-hour documentary describing how [...]