Elizabeth Warren: The Rich White Man’s Candidate

Federal Reserve Hearing

It’s time to listen to America.

Demonizing the Helpers


Robbing minorities of education by denigrating those trying to reform the system.

Obama Treasury Secretary Warned Financial Firm of “Govenment Response” to Credit Rating Downgrade


“Such behavior could not occur, he said, without a response from the government.”

The Inequality Smokescreen

US President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the economy

How progressivism continues to discard the philosophical foundations of the Constitution.

Killing the Middle Class


The Federal Reserve continues to sign on to Obama’s war on the poor.

Obama’s Economy: Wall Street Thrives, Main Street Dies


The backdoor bailout of the financial industry revealed.

Stock Markets Rise Despite Government Shutdown Apocalypse


Maybe if the government stays shut down long enough, the economy can actually recover.

252 Examples of Obama’s Lies, Lawbreaking & Corruption


The dirty dealings of the White House.

Socialist Sanders’ Hot Air on Gas


It wasn’t about speculators then. It’s not about them now.

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Main Street Greed


Are Washington and Wall Street merely imitating us?

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