What Terrorists Want


Romancing jihadists — the liberal way.

Ted Koppel Writes the Dumbest Op-Ed About Terrorism You Can Imagine


Koppel resurrects the idiotic liberal formula in which the only way to defeat terrorism is to pretend it’s not happening.

Don’t Let the War on Obama Kill the War on Terror


The John Kerry Way is no model for the GOP.

Obama Surrenders the War on Terror


Correcting the lies in the president’s surreal speech on the “end” of Islamic terrorism.

Obama’s Confused Self-Contradictory War on Terror Speech


Obama’s definition of winning is as grounded in reality as Charlie Sheen’s.

Terrorist Watch List of Tiny Minority of Extremists Approaching 1 Million

muslims will rule the world

875,000 names is not a gang. It is not a guerrilla force. It’s not a few men in a cave somewhere. It’s an army and should be treated like one.

CAIR: War on Terror Is Made Up


The Muslim “civil rights” group now claims the FBI manufactures jihadist plots.

Canada May Strip Terrorists of Citizenship, Will America Be Next?


“I think where we might want to make a distinction is among those dual citizens who have completely rejected any sense of loyalty to Canada and gone out and committed … acts of war against Canada.”

There Is No Media Silence on Drone Assassinations


“War is hell. And there is no constitutional doctrine that exempts American citizens from that hell when they choose to wage war against their own country.”

If There’s Even One Life That Can Be Saved…


Obama seems eager to violate the civil rights of legal gun owners on the off chance that one life might be saved, he isn’t willing to do it to protect Americans from terrorism or gang violence.