The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler


A new book reveals how the film industry aided the Nazi dictator — and helps us understand why it self-censors itself today to protect Islamists.

James O’Keefe’s Breakthrough


The guerrilla war of a citizen journalist.

Revolutionary Times


Two hundred thirty-seven years later, Americans are once again fighting to be free.

Obama’s Proxy War on Mideast Christians


Even if Obama really were Muslim, what more could he possibly do to empower Islam?

Secretary of War


The bizarre possibility that John Kerry is the most hawkish member of the president’s cabinet.

Obama Lies America Into Another War


Syria is not America’s war. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood’s.

Russia and Iran Stoke the Flames of War

An S-300 missile

A warning to the West from Putin.

Extremist Muslim Moderates and Moderate Muslim Extremists


The blurry line between terrorists and their tacit supporters.

Memorial Day 2013: Jihad Is Stronger Than Ever

"Flags In" 2012

Honor the fallen by acknowledging the ongoing war that they have died for.

Israel, Syria, Iran: Mounting Tensions and Threats


War with Assad and Hezbollah imminent?