The Appeaser


The troubling unwillingness of Obama to confront our enemies and protect our friends.

What is Memorial Day?


Remembering our heroes’ ultimate sacrifice.

The War Against the Jews at UC San Diego


Exposing Hitler Youth Week on the American campus.

The New Korean War


Kim Jong-il puts his tyranny’s armed forces on war footing.

Invading the U.S.A.


The borderlands descend into lawlessness.

The Meaning of Miss Muslim USA


How much does the Left care about what would happen to Rima Fakih under Sharia Law?

See No Radical Islam, Hear No Radical Islam


Eric Holder continues the administration’s game of blurry definitions.

The Only Thing Worth Dying For


How eleven Green Berets forged a new Afghanistan.

Luck Is Not A Strategy


America’s safety depends on the proposition that Islamic terrorists will prove more incompetent than the Obama administration.

David Irving: Anti-Semite & Holocaust Denier

David Irving

In his bestselling 1977 work, Hitler’s War, historian David Irving sought to present history “through Hitler’s eyes,” claiming that although Hitler was a “powerful and relentless military commander,” he was also a “lax and indecisive political leader.” Hitler’s War ultimately laid the basis for Irving’s lifelong claim that Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust. It was during the 1980s that […]