Bill Whittle: Obama Is Bush Lite

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A Truth Revolt video.

Don’t Mention the War


The administration can’t agree on what it needs to find a strategy for.

Obama’s Self-Defeating Fight


Why the world thinks America is fighting to lose against Islamic State.

Defending the Jewish State


What fighting on the front lines has taught me about the cause of peace.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky to Benjamin Netanyahu On Hamas


Words of wisdom on the crucial task of protecting the Jewish State.

Andrew Klavan: Whatever Leftists Say, It’s Opposite Day!

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A Truth Revolt video.

The Unfinished War


What Israel must do to prevent the next onslaught from Hamas.

40 Lessons from Hamas’ War Against the Jews


The hard truths the Jewish State must internalize if it wants to prevail.

Hamas Declares ‘Victory’


The terrorist group lives to fight another day after ceasefire.

The Question of Netanyahu’s Vision


What is the endgame of the operation in Gaza?