Bringing Back the Good War


The good war is not a war in which no civilians die.

Israel’s Endgame in Gaza


What Israel must do to win its war against Hamas — and the Obama administration.

Caroline Glick Briefs Capitol Hill on the Gaza War

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The Freedom Center’s Israel Security Project Director explains the current conflict in terms of the failed two-state solution.

Israel, Hamas and Obama’s Foreign Policy


From Iran to Palestinian terrorists, the president makes clear what side he’s on.

Iran’s Proxy War Against Israel


Where is the media’s outrage against the Islamic Republic?

The UN’s Propaganda War Against Israel

Disarmament Conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations

As Israel defends itself from terror, the international community supports a death cult.

A Thank You Letter From Hamas to the Media


Please keep up the good work.

Casualties in Perspective


The culture of life vs. the culture of death.

The Media’s Moral Equivalency Game


There is right and wrong in the current Israel-Hamas war.

A Tale of Two Gazas


The protected life of Hamas leaders versus the Palestinians they lead to death.