How to Win in Gaza


Israel finds itself in a better position than it has faced in the past with Hamas — and must take advantage of it.

Israel Attacked on Four Fronts


Three of which it withdrew from for the sake of “peace.”

Lessons for Obama from Canada


The message of Prime Minister Stephen Harper vs. President of the United States.

Letting the Anti-Semitism Genie Out of the Bottle


In the wake of the Gaza war, Jew hatred takes center stage.

First Lesson of Gaza War: The Blockade Works


Amnesty International and the Left owe Israel an apology.

Israel Is the Victim of Mohammed’s War Against the Jews


Ignorance of history is the greatest ally of Islamic terror.

The White House Stabs Israel in the Back —- Again

Barack Obama

Obama administration minions are dispatched to publicly condemn the Jewish State.

The Case for Peace in Our Time


But will the American ruling class give peace a chance?

Watch Ted Cruz in Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.31.10 PM

Cruz discusses the Texas Revolution in D’Souza’s powerful new documentary.

Melancholy Lessons from Iraq


The hard truths from Iraq that transcend administrations.