With Democracy For All and Freedom for None


Why democracy fails in the Muslim World.

The Arab Spring and the Israeli Enemy


Time for the Arab world to re-evaluate its investment in continuous war rather than in education, health and infrastructure for its people.

Hamas Declares ‘Victory’


Arab Amnesia Syndrome on full display.

War Is the Answer

Picture 8

Why the world’s obsession with peace leads to perpetual conflict and bloodshed.

Middle East Burning


The real war is much bigger than Gaza.

Roger Cohen and the New York Times – Useful Idiots


Iran’s favorite commentator on Israel once again demonizes the Jewish State.

Should Israel Agree to a Cease-fire?


A truce now will only give Hamas time to gather strength.

Religious Left Joins in Condemning Israel


But Hamas’s genocidal onslaught against the Jewish State gets a pass.

Obama’s Gaza War


How Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pandering made war inevitable.

Another Palestinian Fraud Exposed

kid killed by hamas

The pro-Hamas media feed the terrorists’ propaganda machine.