Is Russia Itching for War with Georgia?


Pro-American regime in peril.

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The Brain Dead Israeli Left


Loving the Ayatollahs.

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Fireworks Over Attacking Iran — On The Glazov Gang

A heated exchange on Islam — and what to do about Iran — breaks out on Frontpage’s television program.

The Tao of Warmongering


Obama turns war into peace.

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The Fiction of a Republican War on Women


When Democrats get desperate.

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10 Ways Obama Has Made War More Likely

Barack Obama Takes Campaign Bus Tour Through Pennsylvania

The world becomes more dangerous in the era of unconditional diplomacy.

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Showdown in the Strait of Hormuz


If Iran decided to move to close the Strait.

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Striking Iran and the Myth of Regional War


Fear of a large-scale conflict is the only card the Mullahs have to play — and the West is falling for it.

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Iran and Obama’s Delaying Game


Treating the Islamic Republic like a Chicago neighborhood waiting to be engaged is a recipe for disaster.

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A Tale of Two Wars


Why Washington needs the Syrian war to happen — and the conflict with Iran not to happen.

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