Warren Buffett’s Greed Killed Obama’s “Inversion” Campaign


Can’t call the guy who pays your salary “un-American”.

Hypocrite Warren Buffett Uses Canada as a Tax Shelter


Taking advantage of tax loopholes while promoting tax hikes on those beneath him.

Under Obama, Warren Buffett is Investing Big in Big Government


What happened in 2009 that so suddenly changed Buffett’s spending for lobbying?

Warren Buffet Reaps Crony Capitalist Billions from Gov Bank Bailouts

The check is in the mail

Mr. Buffett’s stake in Bank of America could pay off for years.

Non-Profits Increased Faster Than Business and Government


It’s a massive business, with approximately $316 billion given away in 2012 in the United States alone and more than 9.4 million employed.

Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Block Causes Environmental Disaster

Minnesota crude oil spill

This is what happens when your idea of best sustainable practices involves blocking a secure pipeline and instead relying on Warren Buffett to transport your oil.

New Obama Tax Hikes Hurt Millionaires, Benefit Billionaires


While the affluent will pay more in taxes this year, that is probably not the case for the very wealthiest — those worth hundreds of millions or more. They may still be paying a lower tax rate than Warren Buffett’s secretary.

Warren Buffett Owes 1 Billion in Back Taxes


There are are two recent cases where Warren has done everything possible to AVOID paying taxes that he actually owes. The first case involved a 14-year fight over the dividend-received deduction that was finally settled with the IRS in 2005. The second case is still pending after 10 years in which he owes just over $1 BILLION in back taxes.