Leftist Press Frets: Jihad Truth-Tellers ‘Still Popular’


Despite the best efforts of Religion News Service and the Washington Post.

Washington Post: Republicans Mindlessly Oppose Iran Going Nuclear


If Iran gets the bomb, there will be tougher sanctions. Those worked on North Korea.

WaPo Pundit Who Falsely Accused Tea Party of Racism, is Falsely Accused of Racism


“I was not expressing my own views but those of extreme right-wing Republican tea party people.”

The Washington Post’s Racial Discrimination Problem

Earns Washington Post

A lawsuit that the rest of the media is curiously silent about.

Washington Post Baffled to Find that Most Egyptians Support Overthrow of Morsi

Democracy has come to mean getting rid of unpopular leaders, with or without elections.

“Obama Rodeo Clown Incident Illustrates Nation’s Continued Racial Divide”

rodeo clown obama

This isn’t a racial divide. It’s a power divide. It’s about who has it and who doesn’t. The rodeo clowns don’t. Obama, the Kansas City Star and the Washington Post do.

Amazon CEO Overpaid 5 Times the Price for Washington Post

Jeff Bezos

In the the first six months of the year, its newspaper division saw an operating loss of $49 million.

After Obama Appears at Amazon, Amazon CEO Buys Washington Post


The deal was conducted in such secrecy that even the Post’s own stable of investigative reporters were taken by surprise

Sheldon Adelson Isn’t to Blame for Failing Leftist Newspapers


The left-wing press looks for a scapegoat.

The Real Bully Running for President


Intimidating private citizens is only the beginning of Obama’s strong-arming tactics.

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