The Million Muslim March and Its Foreign Islamist Ties


Truthers and Hamas supporters to join forces in Washington.

Fiddling While Washington Burns


When a culture puts frivolity over survival.

The Illusion of Peace Negotiations


What the release of 104 Palestinian terrorists won’t achieve.

Peace Is Not at Hand


U.S., Israel bow to Palestinian blackmail.

Christians Unite for Israel in Washington


An impassioned defense of the Jewish State.

Syria and Commonsense


Americans are united in opposing sending arms to terrorists. So why is Washington ignoring them?

Calling for Intifada on the Streets of Washington


CODEPINK comes out of the Jihadist closet.

Media Outraged as Lying Dem Governor dubbed a “Lying Whore”

Governor Jay Inslee, Alleged Lying Whore

When Eyman was asked in a phone interview why Governor Inslee was labeled a “Lying Whore”, he replied: “For the same reason that the little boy said the emperor has no clothes, because it’s true.”

How Washington DC’s Illegal Alien Friendly Policies Promote Gang Violence and Child Rape


While Obama and the Gang of 8 dream of Amnesty, their dreaming illegal alien street gangs are taking over parts of the nation’s capital and transforming them into another Caracas or Ciudad Juarez.

Washington DC is the Fastest Growing Part of America

fat uncle sam

The Federal government has grown so aggressively that you can actually see the impact on census results, which is a very scary thing indeed.