The California Drought and the Ghost of Tom Joad


Why the environmentalist-induced disaster may be coming to a state near you.

Detroit: How the Left Made Water More Expensive Than Cell Phones


Progressives’ cruel assault on the poor unmasked.

UN Blames Israel for Gaza’s ‘Inviable’ Future


When will the Palestinians be held accountable for the society they create?

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Obama Administration vs. Tombstone


Historic town faces uncertain future thanks to federal tyranny.

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Israel, Palestinians and Water Libel


While Palestinians blame Israel for stealing water, the facts tell a much different tale.

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Alberta-Texas Pipeline a Ray of Hope


But the environmental Left is as determined as ever to kill it.

The Islamist Proxy War in South Sudan


The hope for secular democracy and religious freedom comes under brutal attack.

Going Green by Starving America of Oil


The most suicidal energy policies a nation has ever imposed on itself.

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America Already a Green Exemplar


Environmental pessimism serves green special interests; everyone else pays.

Getting Gas Wrong


How an Obama administration environmental initiative could cut gas production, slash jobs, and raise energy prices.