Obama: Born-Again Idiot


He didn’t know anything and he never knew it.

Hillary Clinton’s Problem Isn’t Age —- It’s Experience


Hillary is a 66-year-old child.

Law Firm Representing State Department Whistleblowers Robbed, Burglars Leave Silver, Take Files


“It’s clear to me that it was somebody looking for information and not money.”

IRS Scandal Follows Old Obama Illinois Pattern


The president’s unblemished record of destroying the opposition through abuse of bureaucracy & regulations.

Obama Scandals vs. Watergate


How the Obama administration’s wrongdoings stack up against Nixon’s legacy.

Liberals Learn to Love Wiretapping

the conversation

The last few years have seen an upsurge in Democratic wiretapping and similar illegal tactics.

An Unintended Tribute to Chuck Colson from the Left


A diatribe against the late evangelist highlights his virtues.

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Evan Bayh’s Exit and the Failure of Liberal Governance – WSJ.com

The political retirement of Evan Bayh, at age 54, is being portrayed by various sages as a result of too much partisanship, or the Senate's dysfunction, or even the systemic breakdown of American governance. Most of this is rationalization. The real story, of which Mr. Bayh's frustration is merely the latest sign, is the failure […]