Uber-Liberal Politicians Will Set NYC Back Many Years


The destructiveness of class warfare.

Capital, Capitalists and Capitalism (Part I)


Reclaiming the language of freedom and prosperity.

What’s Wrong with Sweden?


How the all-powerful socialist state destroys the spirit of human freedom — and why Swedes ask for more.

When Race Hatred Meets Class Hatred


The deadly cost of the intellectual foundations of the Left.

Explaining the Democrats’ Success


Ancient philosophers and critics of democracy could have predicted the outcome of the presidential election.

Islamic Terrorism Caused by Poverty?


How many more lives will be lost before this leftist dogma is sent to the ash heap of history?

Romney and the Palestinian Culture of Destruction


The presidential hopeful points to the right reason for the Palestinians’ failure to develop.

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Inside the Typical Hollywood Leftist’s Mind


Income disparity as bad as slavery?

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous


How the unelected tyrants of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas amass fortunes from foreign aid money.

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Are the ‘Less Fortunate’ Less Fortunate?


Why is it that the further left one goes, the less happy the person is likely to be?

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