Video Evidence: Iran Fighting in Syria

Picture 13

Inside the fanatical mindset of the Islamic Republic.

Obama’s Move to Arm Al Qaeda in Syria

Islamic extremist fighters in Syria grow more ambitious

How long before the weapons are turned on us?

America’s Syrian Jihad


Obama’s weapons pipeline flows stronger.

Syria and Commonsense


Americans are united in opposing sending arms to terrorists. So why is Washington ignoring them?

Syria: The Next Libya?


Obama poised to send weapons to Islamist-dominated opposition.

Russia and Iran Stoke the Flames of War

An S-300 missile

A warning to the West from Putin.

The United Nations’ Hezbollah Protection Force


How the UN has helped a terrorist organization build up a massive arsenal of heavy weaponry.

U.N. Dithers in Response to North Korean Provocation


The communist death cult continues to utter threats with impunity.

Obama’s Middle East: Iranian Arms Flow to Syria Via Iraq


American lives squandered on the president’s abandonment of the mission.

Why Israel Was Justified in Attacking Syria


The Jewish State did the work the UN failed to do.