The ObamaCare Meltdown


Will the health care overhaul collapse under its own weight?

ObamaCare and the Technocratic Abyss

Barack Obama

The deeper meaning of the debacle.

On to the ObamaCare Meltdown

Health Overhaul Florida

The beginning of the end?

Obama’s Competent Incompetence


Why the only thing the president is good at is conflict.

Islamist Group in America: We’ll Impose Sharia on Christians


Hizb ut-Tahrir’s blunt website statement.

German Government Ramps Up Monitoring of Conservatives


The Big Chill on free speech continues to sweep Europe.

Interfaith Ally or Islamist Front Group?


Muslims of the Americas is not the religiously tolerant group it claims to be.

The New!

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The True Face of J Street


Is it really “pro-Israel” to call out for talks with Hamas?

The “Peace Partners” Who Never Were


An attempt to unify Palestinian terror.