London Spends More on Welfare than the Entire UK Spends on Defense


Make welfare not war seems to be the new slogan

What’s Wrong with Sweden?


How the all-powerful socialist state destroys the spirit of human freedom — and why Swedes ask for more.

Will Amnestied Illegal Aliens Bankrupt New Jersey and California?

Amnesty may not immediately put illegal aliens on the Federal dole, but it will immediately put them on the state and city dole.

Tsarnaev Clan Received $100K Welfare, Now Getting Free Lawyers


The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance

1/4 of New York City’s Homeless People Come for the Free Stuff


Jablonowski said he even gets a prepaid cellphone — allowing 1,000 texts and 300 minutes a month — through Medicaid and boasted, “I’m going to get my teeth fixed.”

Freeloaders or Free Country?


The current debate about how Republicans can stop losing and start winning.

What to Expect in the Next Four Years


Prepared for the worst — and to fight back.

Showdown in America: Workers vs. the Welfare State


What happens to a country when more benefit from its economic decline than from its success?

$61,194 in Welfare Spending for Every Poor Household


The real welfare queens aren’t the ones shouting about voting for Obama because they’re getting free phones. They’re the ones who administer the free phone programs

Is This the Year We Recognize the Failure of Progressivism?


What the demise of the EU really means.

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