Obama Admin. Stonewalls on Immigrant Welfare Controversy


Have officials axed a requirement prohibiting entry to new immigrants likely to go on welfare?

Larmondo “Flair” Allen: Another Obama Job Creator


One of fourteen children from at least six different fathers, Larmondo “Flair” Allen went into the family business early collecting 950 dollars each in welfare checks for each of his nine children for a total of $8,550 a month. which with other benefits comes out to over $100,000 a year.

Yes, Romney’s Welfare Ad Is Accurate


Respected left-wing figures who agree with the ad are curiously being ignored by the Left.

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Marketing Dependency


The Food Stamp President ramps up efforts to break down self-sufficiency ethics among the poor.

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Food Stamp Nation


The Obama administration works overtime to enroll more people into a program saturated with fraud and abuse.

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Religiously Disputing Big Government


Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, dissents from Religious Left orthodoxy.

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It Pays Not To Work


Staying home and collecting a government check has never been so appealing.

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Brankrupt Greece to Pay for ‘Disabled’ Exhibitionists, Kleptomaniacs and Pedophiles


Only in the leftist welfare state.

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Vampire Economics


The administration refuses to give up a cherished illusion — despite a mounting fact attack.

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Obama’s Social Justice Army Spared the Chopping Block


Goodbye, AmeriCorps. Hello, FoodStampCorps.

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