Israeli Leftist Demands Journalist Be Murdered for Mocking the Left


The true face of left-wing “tolerance” in the Jewish State.

Majority of Americans Say Palestinian State Will be Terrorist, Oppose Foreign Aid


Only 31% of Americans believe Obama is a close and reliable friend of Israel,

Judea and Samaria Are Israel


The indisputable facts of the so-called “disputed territories.”

No Time to Spare: Talking about Israel’s Legal Grounds


Time for Israel to assert its rights.

Moral Narcissism and the MLA’s Obsession with Israel


The lure of Palestinianism.

Staking Out Israel’s Lawful Claims to the West Bank


Why the Jewish State has a superior case for sovereignty in Judea and Samaria than the Palestinians.

Mass Attack Thwarted in Jerusalem

israel hotels_jerusalem hotels_jerusalem hotel _mamila jerusalem hotel_mamilla_mall

A Rosh Hashanah gift from Israel’s “peace partners.”

Israel to Palestinians: Sorry, We’ll Keep Building


Instead of preparing the Jew-free state.

Germany Revives the Jewish Boycott


Where are the calls for economic sanctions against real human rights abusers?

How Small is Israel? So Small You Can Run it in 9 Days


As Obama and his entourage prepare to descend on Israel demanding more territorial concessions for terrorists, it may be time for a reminder of how small Israel really is.