The Segregated Palestinian Buses Hoax


This is like calling an American bus line from the Mexican border to El Paso a segregated bus because it serves workers from Mexico traveling into El Paso.

Obama to Demand Israel Withdrawal from Judea & Samaria?


What the president may have in store during his belated visit to the Jewish State.

Why Lifting the Israeli ‘Occupation’ Won’t Stop Violence

A Hamas supporter carries a mock Qassam rocket during a demonstration against Israel at al-Yarmouk Camp

A commonsense consensus is emerging in the Jewish State.

Hamas Grows in Popularity Among Palestinians


Years of terror campaigns have only made the rulers of Gaza more popular.

The Left’s Only Enemy


When enemies are at our doorstep, leftists take up arms against the Right.

Are Jewish Settlements Built on Arab Land?


The truth behind the deceitful reports manufactured by the Israeli Left.

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Israel’s Futile ‘Goodwill Gestures’


Netanyahu’s overtures earn only more Palestinian denial of the Jewish connection to the Holy Land.

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Israel’s Sinai Dilemmas


When fighting terror can mean boosting terror.

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Public Relations and the Art of War


Why is Israeli PR so ineffective?

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Why Publicize What Arabs Say in Arabic?


The Israeli left-wing media’s cluelessness in their own words.

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