Uncovering Obama’s IRS Enemies List


Thousands of pages of smoking gun documents remain in legal limbo.

Condemnations and Double Standards


What if Israel had destroyed 800 homes in Gaza instead of the Egyptians?

Why Obama Hates Netanyahu

obama-evil-eye 2

The Israeli prime minster has become an honorary Republican.

The Hell That Is the Obama White House


An agenda of destruction at home and abroad.

Out-of-Control White House Pro-Hamas Rally Forces Evac of Israel Supporters


As inside, so outside.

Obama’s Fantasyland: The ‘Tranquil’ Global Community


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CNN Reporter to White House: “How Many Dead Veterans Do You Need?”


“How many dead veterans do you need before somebody asks the question within the White House?”

White House has a Media Monitor to Preemptively Kill Reporters’ Stories


Allen tracks journalists’ tweets and flags them in mass emails

Life Under the Obama Doctrine


Why defying the White House is the only way to preserve the freedom of the Jewish people.

Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama Inc.


The woman behind the curtain.