‘White Privilege’ Exposed


Spelling out the absurd implications of an absurd theory.

White Privilege


The obscene ideology being promoted by thousands of public school teachers.

White Privilege Conference: Rape and Discrimination Appropriate in Some Contexts


Maybe we ought to hold some leftist privilege conferences.

Checking My Privilege


I have checked it — and I apologize for nothing.

What Eric Holder Doesn’t Want to Talk About


Why the Left made a dialogue about the “yellow complex” off-limits.

Liberal Racial Writer Calls for Ethnically Cleansing Old White Santa

Santa's arrest

A melanin-deficient Santa remains the default in commercials

Police Anal Rape Search May Have Happened Because Victim was White


“He’s a white boy, a scraggly white boy, and all these officers are Hispanic.”

Pentagon Declares War on White Privilege

Spot the White Privilege

With the War in Afghanistan won and the Taliban defeated, the next enemy arises

What That Miley Cyrus is Racist Thing is About


It’s like MSNBC but even worse.

Workshops in White Privilege


Government officials caught red-handed promoting racist left-wing ideology.