Heroizing a Traitor


While progressives defend Bradley Manning, the evidence reveals a dark story of a treacherous heart.

The Childish Defense of Bradley Manning


Why “anti-secrecy” activists only cause war and conflict, not peace.

Idolizing an American Traitor


The pathetic figure of leftist icon and Nobel Prize nominee, Bradley Manning.

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Rise of the Hacktivists


Israeli government websites shut down after hacker threat.

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WikiLeaks Exposes Pakistan’s Blatant Betrayal of America


Pakistani security forces protected bin Laden for years to keep American dollars flowing.

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Wikileaks’ ‘Iraq: Collateral Damage’ video ‘doesn’t show the broader picture’

Yeah, I’m shocked, too.
ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper wrote yesterday:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates told me the video recently released by Wikileaks which depicts U.S. troops killing some civilians in Iraq “doesn’t show the broader picture of the – of the firing that was going on at American troops.”
In my “This Week” interview, [...]

Supporting the Decision of the Soldiers in the WikiLeaks Video

I was going to write about a video published by WikiLeaks recently – supposedly showing American soldiers killing, among others, two Iraqi journalists – when I read this post by my good friend Michael Merrit about it. He and I agree completely on this one, so instead of writing a long post defending these soldiers, [...]

Newsweek Reports: Department of Homeland Security Top Web Picks!

The Department of Homeland Security recently released a memo entitled, “Privacy Impact Assessments” listing some of the agency’s favorite tip-worthy web sites in case of an emergency, Mark Hosenball of Newsweek reports.  Call it the DHS Blogroll, if you will.

It is no surprise that a government entity would harness this technology and gather information from [...]