Hillary Clinton Found Murderer of 14-Year-Old Boy Very “Charismatic”

winnie mandela

Mandela had participated in the beating, punching the youths with her fist.

Are You Ready for a Touching Movie about a Communist and his Wife Who Murdered a 14-Year-Old Boy?


Get ready for Winnie Mandela, a cliched love story, produced by T.D. Jakes, one of Obama’s clergy backers, and Ellen Wander, the producer of Beautiful Lies, about one of the more evil women in South Africa.

Good Riddance to the Jew-haters and Terrorists on the Flotilla to Gaza, Shame on Their Domestic Apologists and Supporters at Salon

Desmond Tutu has condemned the Israelis for defending their waters and their soldiers and for dealing with armed jihadists as armed jihadists should be dealt with. This particular unsavory crew launched their attack with chants celebrating Mohammed’s murder of Jews in the 7th century, which should be a crucial reminder to everyone in denial that [...]