Beheader of British Soldier Converts to Islam a Second Time in Prison


“He said that he didn’t believe in the Koran and had reverted to being a Christian.”

Terrorist Mosque Attended by Muslim Murderers Claims It Is the Real Victim


He was using the premises to show children videos of 9/11, chanting “Allah is great”.

Islam’s ‘Rule of Numbers’ Explains London Beheading


The more Muslims, the more Islamic behavior—including brazen slaughter of infidels.

Thought Criminals Arrested after London Horror


The anti-Muslim “backlash” isn’t quite what the Left would have us believe it is.

From London to Ramallah: The Bloody Hands of Islam


Why the Woolwich attack is no isolated incident.

Tommy Robinson on Woolwich Islamist Terrorist Attack

Picture 8

A gruesome wake-up call for the United Kingdom.