The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President


Why the Obama administration can’t be trusted to keep Omar Abdel-Rahman in prison.

Releasing the Blind Sheikh?


A humanitarian gesture to new Islamist rulers of Egypt.

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Trashing New York’s September 11 Memorial


Do you know what your children are being taught about 9/11?

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The Post-American Skyscraper


What the failure to rebuild the World Trade Center says about America.

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Getting Away with 9/11


Growing evidence that key players — and our worst enemies — got away.

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The Obama administration has ways of making terrorists not talk. –

The failed terrorist attack aboard Northwest Flight 253 is proving to be highly educational, not least about the Obama Administration and its pre-September 11 antiterror worldview. Yesterday, the White House reversed itself on repatriating Guantanamo detainees to chaotic Yemen, a step in the right direction. Now if it would only revisit its Ramzi Yousef standard […]