Japan’s PM Accused of Honoring War Criminals


Stirring memories of fascist Japan.

Elderly Veterans Feel Obama’s Wrath


The president’s twisted ploy to turn the shutdown battle in his favor.

When Enemies Infiltrated the White House


How a Soviet mole in FDR’s inner circle triggered Pearl Harbor – and its dire relevancy to our conflict today.

Oliver Stone’s Untrue History: Stalin the Great Hero of WWII


Castro’s worshiper weaves a twisted tale of America’s immoral and minor role in the Second World War.

Britain Remembers Its ‘Finest Hour’


Ugandan-born Archbishop of York displays touching patriotism.

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Scandinavia: The Liberal Anti-Semitic Sanctuary


An old, familiar hatred has merely undergone a makeover.

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Why America Is Still the Best Hope


Leftism, Islamism, and Americanism: the three big value systems competing for humanity’s allegiance — but which will triumph?

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‘Urinegate’ Spurs Anti-American Hysterics


Europeans liberated by the U.S. now say Americans are worse than Nazis.

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Obama’s Wish for More American Defeat in WWII?

Bataan Death March

Why exactly did the president plan to apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Luck Is Not A Strategy


America’s safety depends on the proposition that Islamic terrorists will prove more incompetent than the Obama administration.