Did Mohammed Dahlan Poison Arafat?


Dahlan was behind the murder of Moussa Arafat, Arafat’s nephew.

Al Jazeera Now Picking a Fight with Arafat’s Corpse


“I came to say I reject the Zionist-American conspiracy that is being waged through Al Jazeera channel.”

Israel’s Twenty-Year Nightmare

Oslo victims-thumb-470x320-3132

The horror of the Oslo Accords.

“Palestine” is Abbas’ One-Man Dictatorship

A shared philosophy of government

President Abbas has also appointed himself as the chief judge and prosecutor

Fourteen Questions For Shimon Peres

'Gaza: The Case for Middle East Peace': Shimon Peres

How would the president of Israel explain his failed legacy?

Why Netanyahu Blinked


How a “ceasefire” empowered the enemies of Israel.

Scrapping Oslo


Peace accords are dead on the vine — but what are the alternatives?

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Palestinian Spring to Unseat Savior of Palestinian Authority


Mass protests have erupted over cost of living expenses (e.g. subsidies) with calls for Fayyad to step down in the usual manner in the Middle East, by accusing him of being a Zionist agent.

Latest Arafat Death Conspiracy Theory Debunked


New claims of poisoning don’t hold up under scrutiny.

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous


How the unelected tyrants of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas amass fortunes from foreign aid money.

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