Is Obama Ready to Confront Iran Over Yemen?


Why the Islamic Republic isn’t too worried.

UN Security Council Approves Yemen Sanctions and Arms Embargo Resolution


Iran remains defiant.

Iran’s Takeover of Yemen


Rebels backed by the Islamic Republic seize the presidential palace.

UN Security Council Allows Iran a Free Hand in Yemen


The Islamic Republic gains another proxy.

Diplomat Debunks Obama’s Yemen ‘Success’ Story


If this is a foreign policy achievement, what does failure look like?

Yemen: Obama’s Counter-Terrorism ‘Success’ Story Sinks


America’s evacuation of a key battleground in the the war against the global jihad.

Obama’s Success Story: “Death to America, Death to Israel, a Curse on the Jews and Victory to Islam.”


“You will see your bodies scattered and your heads flying,”

White House Says Muslim Country w/US Embassy Under Fire is a Success Story


The alert described the threat level in Yemen as “extremely high.”

Another Arab Spring Success: Shiite Rebels Seize Gov Buildings in Yemeni Capital


The minister urged “cooperation” with the rebels

Al Qaeda Recruits Gave Little Girls as “Gifts” to Terrorists

muslim marriage

And it wasn’t just girls.