Arab Spring Leads to Al Qaeda Terrorist Becoming Yemeni Security Official


This is Obama’s New Middle East. Or is it Al Qaeda’s new Middle East?

How Al Qaeda Is Winning the War on Terror


Not a path to defeat, but a path to victory.

65% of Brides in Muslim Yemen are Children


That number rises to 70 per cent in rural areas.

Birth Rates Falling Dramatically in Muslim Middle East

muslim feminism

In 1973, the average Libyan woman had 7.6 children and married at the age of 19.

Huthi Says Killing Houthi More Important Than Killing Jews

Jihad is all about priorities

“It does not make sense to fight the Jews as long as the Houthi group exists,” said Sheikh Huthi.

Israel, Lone Light in a Dark Region


How Israel is so much better — and treated so much worse.

Embassy Shutdown Ends with a Whimper as Embassies Reopen


The State Department announced on Sunday that it would extend closings already in place for a celebration at the end of Ramadan out of “an abundance of caution.”

Foreign Policy Runs Op-Ed from Muslim Brotherhood Nobel Peace Prize Winner Comparing Morsi to Mandela


It’s dishonest and unprofessional of Foreign Policy Magazine to run a pro-Brotherhood editorial without identifying the author as a Brotherhood activist.

Kill Terrorists in Yemen, Free Them in Israel


The world according to John Kerry.

Africans Face Racism in Muslim Yemen


“They always ask me why I am a Christian,” Addisi says. “Almost every day people say I am a dog,”