Yemen’s Forgotten Christians


Surrounded by a sea of religious hostility.

The Arab Spring and the Israeli Enemy


Time for the Arab world to re-evaluate its investment in continuous war rather than in education, health and infrastructure for its people.

US Embassy Security Official Investigating Attack Assassinated in Yemen


Aqlan had worked for the U.S. Embassy for almost 20 years and had been involved in investigating the storming of the U.S. Embassy compound by protesters last month.

3rd Arab Spring Country Now Attacking US Embassies


Isn’t it strange how these attacks on American embassies and consulates keep happening in countries where the glorious Arab Spring pushed out the tyrants and replaced them with the sweet breezes of democracy.

A Tale of Two American Martyrs


Connecting the dots between the killing of American Christians and the killing of Middle East Christians.

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Covert Mission Thwarts Al-Qaeda


What the successful counterterrorism operations tells us about the war on terror.

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Yemeni President Ousted


While al-Qaeda is poised to capitalize on the chaos.

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Confronting Europe’s War on the Jews


As a person from the Left, I must challenge its grotesque position on Israel.

The New Way to Fight Terror


America’s new intelligence strategy to disrupt terrorist cells and training operations.

Part-Time Allies


Yemen and Pakistan are still not committed to the war against radical Islam.