Gulf Countries Feel “Thrown Under the Bus” by Obama’s Iran Deal

Pete Souza, White House

“Who could believe that Netanyahu today has taken a better stand than Obama”

Brooklyn’s Insane Borough President Says Muslims are in Walls of Racism


“Muslim community, this is your Selma.”

Holder Admits Michael Brown Case Based on a Lie, Blames Ferguson

holder sad

This is what it’s like being governed by an administration of compulsive liars

De Blasio Time: Murders Up 20% in New York City


Attack police for doing their jobs and more shootings happen.

Did Obama’s Anti-Netanyahu Campaign Backfire?


“Rather than bashing him, they should have played down his appearance.”

Why Obama and the Media Suddenly Hate Police Body Cameras


The cops like them and Obama’s crooks don’t.

De Blasio to Set Racial Quotas for Museum Staffs, Dance Troupes

de blasio

“We’re not looking to be punitive.”

Is the State Dept’s New Muslim Run Office Promoting Anti-Semitism?


Hussain played a role in the Muslim Students Association’s annual conference

Student Conservative Paper Accused of Insensitivity for Mocking Terrorists

photo (1)

Won’t someone please think of the terrorists?

Muslim Woman Tries to Learn English, Husband Stabs Her 15 Times

pcpics image

The whole integration thing isn’t going too well.

UK Cops Turned Away Bleeding Girl Sexually Assaulted by Muslims


“The Asian men felt they ran Oxford… People were afraid of them.”

5 Important Points in Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress


Iran is as bad as ISIS

Saudi King Gives Award to Al Qaeda Supporter Who Said “Every Muslim Should be a Terrorist”


The Saudis… they’re our close allies in the War on Terror.

After Christian Beheadings, Obama Still Refuses to Bomb ISIS in Libya


Obama was a big fan of bombing Libya on behalf of terrorists.

Susan Rice: Non-Nuclear Iran is “Unachievable Ideal”


Why would you not believe Susan Rice? She was right about Benghazi

Obama’s BuzzFeed Propagandists Accuse NY Observer of Putin Propaganda


Pot meets kettle

Hillary Clinton Used Private Email Account as Secretary of State

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary takes paranoia to a whole new level.

Obama’s Police Commission Wants Race Stats, Not Body Cameras

official white house photo

Gathering objective evidence isn’t the goal here.

Code Pink Anti-Israel Rally Features Terrorist Hezbollah Flag

The flag of Hezbollah, a group responsible for killing scores of Israelis, Americans and others, was held up during a protest outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. (Image source: YouTube via Legal Insurrection)

The attack represented the single deadliest day for US Marines since the Battle of Iwo Jima

Did ISIS Beheader’s Family Come to UK as Refugees?


Their Bidouin status might have qualified them as refugees