One Voice Boss: We Have To Do Everything in Our Power to Take Down Netanyahu


The orders came from the top.

Holocaust Architect: Christians too Judaized, Greater Truth of Koran On My Side


“Mohammedans whom I have had a strong connection since the days of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem”

Saudi Imam: Columbus Sailed to America to Kill all the Muslims


“The Muslims were there before Columbus and all the others.”

5th American Killed in Libya Because of Obama’s War

david berry

He survived Afghanistan and Iraq, but became a casualty of Obama’s regime change in Libya.

Ex-Muslim Brotherhood Imam: Muslims Hate Christians, are Time Bombs


“Let us admit, without lying to ourselves, that we, the Muslims, are time bombs.”

Did Qatar Free Imprisoned Americans in Exchange for Al Qaeda Terrorist?


Qatar is beginning to blatantly behave like a terrorist group.

Obama Orders Border Patrol to Offer Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

obama amnesty

Agents were told to see if any immigrants in jail would qualify for amnesty

Obama’s New Atty General: Illegal Aliens Have Right to Take American Jobs


I’m sure the millions of unemployed Americans appreciate Lynch’s belief

Ted Cruz’s Expatriate Terrorist Act is Constitutional and Necessary

ted cruz

Should a Jihadist be allowed back into the US after he pledged allegiance to ISIS?

Al Gore Wants to Spend $90 Trillion to Create World Without Cars


And just think, you’ll be able to live in a horrible futuristic nightmare.

Muslims Go Looking for Mosque, Assault Jewish Man in UK


“I’m going to go Jew-bashing. Haha,”

Can the Media Please Stop Quoting Bill Nye as a Science Expert


“I’d love to get a Ph.D, but that’s a seven- or eight-year commitment.”

Putin Helped Fund Sierra Club and Center for American Progress


The environmental movement should come with a “Made in Moscow” label.

Hamas Supporter Congressman John Yarmuth Accuses GOP of “Subversion”


Yarmuth isn’t too patriotic to aid a Muslim terrorist group that murdered Americans.

Obama Slams Hindu Gov in India, Says Americans Think He’s Muslim


“My faith has at times been questioned — by people who don’t know me.”

Mission Accomplished: ISIS Overruns Libyan Hotel Used by United Nations

This is what happens when a ‘smart power’ guy like Obama practices regime change.

Will Obama Let Castro Keep $6 Billion in Stolen US Property?


As Obama once said, what’s wrong with a little wealth redistribution?

Was Bergdahl’s Charge List Leaked to Avoid Obama’s Interference?


“This is shaping up to be a titanic struggle behind the scenes”

New Saudi King Praised Bin Laden Mentor, Sponsored Terror Supporter’s Events

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Sa

“Osama bin Laden had died with more “sanctity and honor” than any infidel”

Pentagon Creates Essay Contest for Dead Terror Supporting Saudi Tyrant


Isn’t Saudi Arabia the place that’s supposed to be naming things after a dead tyrant?