Don’t Speak English? Congratulations, You Can Apply for Disability

That goes double if you’re in Puerto Rico

Rolling Stone’s Only Problem Was It Got Caught


Not that it feels that it did anything wrong.

This Indian-American Got into Med School by Pretending to be Black


“I got into medical school because I said I was black.”

Bloomberg is Delusional, But He’s Not Running for Mayor of London

Not photoshopped

It’s hard to say how delusional any power mad billionaire really is.

Iran Ministers: Nuclear Deal Non-Binding, Everything Can Change


“We have not yet decided whether to sign anything at all. What American leaders say is for their domestic consumption.”

Obama Doesn’t Get to be a Unilateral Dictator on Foreign Policy


When Obama acts that way, he isn’t acting on behalf of the United States.

Obama: Iran Deal is a Good Idea Even if Iran Lies and Cheats


“Obviously, a request will have to be made. Iran could object.”

Obama Blames America for Iran Feeling “Defensive” and “Vulnerable”


Poor Iran. If only we understood its hurt feelings

Obama: Iran Can’t Fight Us, Iran: Death to America


It’s a pity that no one Iran that it can’t fight us.

Palestinian Authority Boss Returns $350 Million from Israel, Demands More

kerry abbas

Yes, Israel has to provide electricity to Gaza and Hamas.