Border Patrol “Tracking” Illegals w/Ankle Monitor it Takes 5 Mins to Remove


Using hand lotion and a plastic bag, offenders have been able to slip them off their feet

Iranian Scientist Invents Radar that Can Detect Beer Drinkers


The technology can locate drug addicts from 1,500 meters away

“The Interview” is the 2nd Time YouTube Stood Up to a Govt Trying to Ban a Movie


The first was when Obama leaned on YouTube to take down the “Innocence of Muslims”

Taxpayer Funded College: “The Acts of Looting, Destruction of Property and Violence is Not Only Warranted, it is Necessary.”


“The problem with the protesters’ violence in Ferguson is that it is unorganized.”

Eric Holder’s DOJ Funds Group Featured in Video Urging Cop Killing


This is what we’ve come to under Obama.

Bill de Blasio Hates and Fears the NYPD

Police community relations roundtable at New York City Hall

De Blasio would step into the street to make sure he was out of earshot of plainclothes officers.

Doing Business in Cuba is Easy, Staying Out of Jail is Hard


The charges were used to seize the automotive firm’s $100 million in assets in Cuba.

Jihadis Now Attacking ISIS for Being Too Moderate


It’s like ranking serial killers based on how many people they didn’t kill.

ISIS Jihadists Vow to Conquer Europe, Kill 500 Million People


This is a problem that can only be solved with more Muslim immigration.

No “Redistributing Teachers” to Bad Schools Won’t Work


Bad schools get bad teachers because they’re bad places to work.

How Long Until FDA’s Blood Donations Policy Creates the Next Ryan White?


Cue the next 13-year-old boy who becomes an AIDS activist against his will.

India May End Support for PLO State at UN


“The Modi government is looking at India’s voting record at the United Nations on the issue.”

Without US Air Support, Afghan Forces Begin to Crumble


They are taking punishingly heavy losses.

De Blasio Blames Media for Making Anti-Cop Protesters Look Bad


Progressives like Obama and De Blasio have a love/hate relationship with the media.

Only 15% of Active Duty Military Support Obama, 55% Oppose


Obama is about as popular with members of the military as Bill de Blasio is with the NYPD.

2 of 3 Most Admired Figures on the Right are Black


Sowell and Thomas are respected for the opposite qualities of the self-appointed black leaders

Muslim Runs Over Shoppers at Christmas Market While Shouting “Allahu Akbar”


Muslims really do take that War on Christmas thing very literally.

FDA Claims Authority to Regulate Lightsabers


It’s almost like we’re living under some sort of evil empire.

De Blasio Dodges Families of Cops his Rhetoric Helped Kill


It’s probably not guilt.

How Obama’s Appeasement Helped Cause the Peshawar School Massacre


“They believed Fazlullah’s group was focused on Islamic law with no ambition to spread jihad.”