Looks Like Elizabeth Warren Might Be Running for President After All

Federal Reserve Hearing

The visit suggests that Warren may have presidential ambitions.

Ferguson Protesters Will Loot As Many Stores As It Takes to Get Justice


So far no justice, but that’s almost as good as free cell phones

The Ferguson Circus is Over, Get Ready for the Next One


The next case has already presented itself.

Immigration Agencies Not Actually Capable of Processing 5 Million Applications

Needs more lawyers

“I do not see a need for a czar”

Did Obama Just Fire his Secretary of Defense for being a Republican?


Obama seems to be raging after the midterm elections.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Berates and Abuses Kerry


There’s Obama’s famed smart power.

Saudi Restaurants Putting Up “Women Not Allowed” Signs


“The best thing is to keep women away from restaurants unless they have a male custodian.”

Is There Any Country Where Joe Biden is Welcome?


Joe Biden retreats from angry crowd in Ukraine

Palestinian Arabs: “Yes We Want Peace, but Peace Means No Jews.”

muslims jews

“What was done to you in Germany, will be done to you here too.”

Ferguson Residents Say Media Coverage Causes Violence


“A lot of the press corps is looking for that kind of [violent] action.”

Canadian Parliament Jihadist Liked the Koran, Hated Women


“No, there can’t be world peace until there’s only Muslims.”

New York City Schools Expecting Flood of Illegal Aliens in Coming Years


What’s another $50 million?

CIA Annex Team Member Shoots Down House Intel Committe Benghazi Cover-Up


“If we would have not been delayed… we would have saved the ambassador’s life.”

Al Jazeera Praises Synagogue Massacre of Rabbis

jerusalem attack2

Al Jazeera is run by Qatar which sponsors Hamas and ISIS

BDS Mohammed Would Rather Ride Donkey than Use Israeli Gas


I pity the jackass that has to put up with this jackass.

Why the House Intel Committee’s Benghazi Report is Worthless


Good news. It’s no one’s fault.

Beheading Debate between Muslim and Christian Leads to Knife Attack in Oklahoma


“I killed you so my Allah must be better than your deity.”

Prime Minister of Jordan Sends Condolence Letter to Murderers of 4 Rabbis


Jordan is a “moderate” Muslim country.

Valerie Jarrett Wants the Obamas to Move to New York


There has been chatter about getting Michelle Obama a senate seat.

Saudi Oil Price War Forces Iran to Cut Hezbollah Aid


The Iranian regime has slashed its funding of terrorist groups