Holder’s Office Was Pushing Hard to Silence Sharyl Attkisson


Schultz replied, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”

The 5 Dumbest Lies in Obama’s Amnesty Speech

the gruber in the mirror

3. Amnesty for 5 million illegals isn’t “mass amnesty”

Illegal Alien: Obama’s Amnesty Inspired Us to Cross Border


Who says Obama doesn’t inspire anyone anymore?

What is a “Contested Religious Site” Anyway?


Now that Muslims have killed people in that synagogue, it is now contested.

Obama Whines TV Won’t Preempt “The Biggest Loser” for his Sore Loser Speech


Why won’t NBC make way for the truly biggest loser?

Obama’s Illegal Alien Amnesty Will Cancel Out Every Job Created Under his Administration


67 percent of jobs created under Obama already went to immigrants.

Cokie Roberts: Dems Need Amnesty, They’ll Never Get the White Vote


“F___ white people. They don’t vote for us anyway.”

Churches Won’t Be Charged “Rain Tax” if they Preach Global Warming


If the left can’t get around the First Amendment one way, it will find another way around it.

Jordanian Parliament Prays for “Spirits of Heroes” Who Murdered 4 Rabbis

muslims jerusalem attack

Jordan is a moderate Muslim country.

Did Gruber Videos Force Obama to Speed Up Amnesty?


It’s the biggest distraction he can currently manage that doesn’t involve starting a war.

Did Landrieu Doom Herself When She Called White People Racist?


Landrieu won just 18 percent of the white vote

Pelosi Abused Pregnant, Wounded Vet for Green Energy Cash


How dirty is the Democrat Party? This dirty.

Hillary Clinton Might Be Only Dem Under 70 Running for President


They have great new ideas for the future.

Muslims Robbing European Churches to Finance Terrorism


Sometimes the thieves stole money and all manner of valuable objects in broad daylight.

Swedish Ambulance Workers Want Body Armor Against Machete Attacks


Sweden recognized “Palestine” but it’s the one under occupation.

Senate Dems Put Steyer’s Billions Over US Jobs, Hand Louisiana to GOP


This is another reminder of why the Dems lost the Senate, the House and America.

“Palestinian” Terrorists Killed More Americans in 2014 Than ISIS


While ISIS beheaded three American hostages, seven Americans have been killed

Sharpton Owes $4.5 Mil in Taxes, but his Pals are Obama and Cuomo

No racism to see here

It’s okay. Al isn’t a Tea Party member.

CNN Describes Muslim Terror Attack on Synagogue as Israel Killing Palestinians


It’s the sort of thing you expect from Al Jazeera.

Muslims Celebrate Murder of Four Rabbis


“He kept screaming ‘Allah hu’Akbar’.