Obama Says Abbas Renounced Violence, Abbas Says He’s Just Like Hamas


“I have to commend President Abbas,” Obama said.

Dem Senator on MSNBC: Russia’s “Weak” Invasion Proof of Obama’s “Strength”


If Russia invades Alaska, just think how weak Putin will look.

Obama Dispatches Biden to Poland to “Send Message” to Putin

Biden is here. The problem is solved.

Joe Biden turned to his weakest point. Logic.

ObamaCare Increased Premiums 39% to 56%


And this is just the beginning.

Corrupt Pennsylvania Dem Attorney General Kane Refuses to Charge Dem Pols Caught Accepting Bribes


Party of Criminals.

Scarlett Johansson Confirms Oxfam Departure was Because of Israel Boycott


“There’s plenty of evidence that Oxfam does support and has funded a BDS movement in the past.”

Muslim Terrorists Still Having Trouble Figuring Out How Bombs Work

Gaza work accident

When driving with a bomb, you should be extra careful to signal when changing lanes.

First US Single Payer State Health System Would Require Doubling Taxes

No, no it can't

“The question is, ‘What is the best tax?’”

Are Colleges Finally Getting Tired of Anti-Israel Campus Antics?


Between the UC Irvine 11 and now the suspension of Students for Justice in Palestine at Northeastern University

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Wants to Jail Global Warming Skeptics


All we have to do is lock up all the bad people who disagree with us… and then we win.

New York Times on Mitt Romney: “Just Plain Bossy”


“The G.O.P. universe of arrogant, uptight, entitled, bossy, retrogressive white guys.”

American Power Under Obama in 1 Photo

Samantha Power screams at Russian ambassador

In a word. Pathetic.

Will Asian-Americans Kill Affirmative Action?


“America is about equal opportunity, not about equal entitlements.”

About That “Girl Burning an Obama” Shirt Viral Video…


“The Victims of American Terrorism”

US Official: Iran Still Illegally Obtaining Materials for Nuclear Program

obama iran

“We continue to see them setting up front companies,”

Ukraine Asks for Military Aid, Obama Offers MREs


Let them eat MREs

News Station Catches 100 Non-Citizens Voting in Florida (VIDEO)

voter id

One Naples voter admitted she was an illegal alien

Crazy Salon Racist Rant: “How Did Irish-Americans Get So Disgusting”


This is what happens when you get your history from cereal boxes and Howard Zinn.

Bill de Blasio Claims Israel Banned Horse Carriages, Caught Lying


Bill de Blasio is still struggling to push his horse carriage ban.

Oberlin College Allows Muslim Prof to Violently Threaten Female Professors


Ali said that “in his culture, he could have had the female department chair killed.”