GoFundMe Bans Cops, Fundraises for Child Molesters


Bottom line. Don’t use the site.

#BlackLivesMatters Riots Becoming Even Less Popular w/Americans

baltimore riot

70% say crime is a bigger problem than police discrimination against minorities.

Muslim Polygamists 4 Times More Likely to Have Heart Attacks


And it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Mob of BDS Thugs Attack Jews in Paris


The Nazis also began with BDS.

Clinton Foundation Tried to Pass Off Islamic Payments to Bill as “Donations”


Either they’re unqualified to run a country or they’re liars and thieves

Obama to Solve Inner City Problems w/Free iPads


It’s like looting, but the government will be doing it.

#BlackLivesMatter Lynch Mobs Are Better at Getting Indictments Than Convictions


Previous cases quickly fell apart once witnesses were called.

Michael Moore: Disarm Police, Let Gun Owners Protect Us


Finally Michael Moore has come full circle

Soros Uses His Foundations to Dodge Taxes

soros globe4

Soros front groups were accusing Mitt Romney of doing what their boss was actually doing.

Democratic Senator Insists Problem in Baltimore is Lack of Shrinks


Maybe we can institutionalize half of Baltimore.