Non-Muslims Biden and Prince Charles Barred from Saudi King’s Funeral


The Iranian Foreign Minister could be allowed in, but not Biden.

The Next Successor to the Saudi Throne Will Be the Son of a Slave Girl


The difference between ISIS and Saudi Arabia isn’t all that great.

Murdered Prosecutor: “In Case Someone Murders Me, All the Data is Saved”


A few days later Nisman was found with a bullet in his head.

Obama Does Khrushchev for Senate Dems: “He’s Going to Steamroll Them”


The only thing missing is the shoe.

Dem Gov Told Nat Guard Not to Protect Ferguson Businesses from #BlackLivesMatter Looters


Democrats don’t like to offend their own base.

BDS Anti-Israel Activists Protest Auschwitz City Council Resolution


“What we saw here today was naked, blind anti-Semitism.”

Killer of White Teens: “Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Black Lives Matter”


Black lives matter means white lives don’t.

Kerry: Muslims in Europe are like Blacks During Segregation

john kerry

When will Muslim countries give equal rights to non-Muslims?

Muslim Terrorist Who Stabbed 69-Year-Old Jewish Woman in Neck is “Real Man”


Residents praised the attack, calling the terrorist a “real man” and a “hero.”

Argentina Gov Plotted to Blame Islamic Terror Attack on Jews on “Right Wing”


And the prosecutor who “committed suicide” without leaving any gunpowder on his hands

Journalism School Dean: Free Speech has Limits, Like Criticizing Mohammed


There is no such thing as a free press under the left.

CNN Gives Up On News, Anderson Cooper to Host Game Show


It will fail miserably, but no one will notice because it’s on CNN

If Obama Can Legislate, Why Can’t Congress Run Foreign Policy?


That’s a double standard from a man who sits on a throne made out of his own double standards.

2,000 People Killed in Nigeria as “Allah has Commanded Us in His Book”


Nothing to do with Islam. Not a thing.

Dem Senator: Obama’s Talking Points Come from Iran

obama iran

“…it sounds like talking points that come straight out of Tehran,”

Iran to Create Government Dating Site


If you thought ObamaCare was bad, just wait for AyatollahDate.

Muslims Plotted Terror Attack on Anti-Semitism Conference

coexist christians mulims jews

Lefties often insist that Muslim anti-Semitism doesn’t exist

Failed Coca Cola Exec Leaves to Advise Hillary Clinton Campaign


What do Hillary Clinton and Coca Cola have in common?

Senator Joni Ernst Responds to Obama’s Night of a Thousand Lies

ernst joni

Our parents may not have had much, but they worked hard for what they did have.

Obama Turns to Speechwriter From Richest Town in Connecticut for “Gritty, Everyman Prose”


“You would think in a past life, Cody was the head of the United Auto Workers and grew up in Detroit and worked in a factory.”