Female Meteorologist Denounced as “Pornographer” for Not Pushing Global Warming

Exactly the kind of guy you expect to have watched every network news broadcast ever

Ugly moments like these really speak volumes.

Smart Power: US Soldiers Won’t Be Able to Attack Taliban


This is why more American soldiers died in Afghanistan under Obama than Bush

The End of Hollywood’s Last Safe Foreign Enemy


Hollywood smears Americans, but cowers in front of North Korea.

Black Racists Who Don’t Work for a Living Hate Being Asked for Help


Old ladies are notoriously racist against bisexual black men from Park Slope.

White House Promises “Proportional Response” to Sony Hack


Do we hack one of their movie studios and post private correspondence from their party bosses?

NATO: Taliban Don’t Respect Islamic Faith

muslim prayer

NATO doesn’t seem to know what Islam is

Anti-2nd Amendment Surgeon General Vote Shows Why Red State Dems Can’t Be Trusted


Call this one the revenge of the losers.

Dem Congressman Has Never Been More Proud to be American Than When Collaborating w/Communist Dictatorship


Rangel traveled to Cuba on a trip funded by the Communist dictatorship.

2/3 of College Students Sign Petition to Deport Americans for Illegal Aliens

Image: Michigan's Right-To-Work Legislation Draws Large Protests At Capitol

Younger leftists are unable to process negative consequences from a progressive policy.

Obama’s Worst Lie About his Dirty Castro Deal is in his First Sentence


Obama did not make a deal with the Cuban people. He made a deal with the Castros.

Republican and Democratic Cuban-American Senators Blast Obama’s Dirty Castro Deal


Rubio accused the Obama administration of “tyranny”

Communist-in-Chief, Obama Will Open Embassy in Cuba


Obama is going to ram through every radical domestic and international idea he can in the next two years.

Guy Who Called for Killing White Cops Wanted to Promote Respect for All Lives


“I’m a black Mormon, so there’s no way I could be racist.”

Cop Suspended for Playing “Sweet Home Alabama” at Black Lives March

If you think this man is silly, you're a racist

Mocking Neil Young is racist.

People Magazine’s Hillary Cover was “Worst Seller” in 2014

hillary clinton old2

Hillary’s face on a magazine drives readers away.

Clinton Press Secretary Thinks Hillary Should Be a Supreme Court Justice

remember this guy?

Hillary Clinton would make a good Supreme Court justice because her husband was impeached

Federal Judge: Obama’s Amnesty Violates Constitution


Apparently we still have this thing called a Constitution

Sony Boss Dodges Racism Charges by Meeting with Racist

national action network

“White folks was [sic] in caves while we were building empires”

UPenn Pres Goes from Suicide Bomber Posing to Die In


Maybe the next president of the University of Pennsylvania should be an adult.

The “Innocence of Muslims” is Back in Court

obama freedom

“These, of course, are fighting words to many faithful Muslims”