Sharpton Owes $4.5 Mil in Taxes, but his Pals are Obama and Cuomo

No racism to see here

It’s okay. Al isn’t a Tea Party member.

CNN Describes Muslim Terror Attack on Synagogue as Israel Killing Palestinians


It’s the sort of thing you expect from Al Jazeera.

Muslims Celebrate Murder of Four Rabbis


“He kept screaming ‘Allah hu’Akbar’.

3 American Rabbis Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack


Rabbi Levine is survived by ten children.

Muslims Celebrate Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre on Twitter

muslims jerusalem attack

“What happened today carries a message to Israel”

Racist Muslim Settlers Attack Jerusalem Synagogue w/Guns & Axes, Kill 4


Casualties covered with prayer shawl and phylacteries are very difficult to watch,

New York Times Wants Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Not Cuban Refugee Doctors


Professional courtesy.

Obama: I Stole Ideas “Liberally” From Gruber


But then he found out about it only through the media.

Only 29% of Whites for ObamaCare, Minority Support Falls to New Low


It’s the first time non-white support has fallen below 60 percent

“Rioting and Looting are Tools of Those Without a Voice,” Says Idiot in Spider-Man Mask


“The rioting and looting, while I didn’t participate in it, was necessary.”

Obama: Illegal Aliens Take Away Jobs from Black People


“When I see Mexican flags waved, I sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment.”

74% of Muslims in France are anti-Semitic


Muslims in France are three times more anti-Semitic than the French

Sharpton: Obama Wants Ferguson Protesters to Stay on Course


Sharpton’s violence is now state-sanctioned violence.

Obama Insists on calling Peter Kassig, “Abdul Rahman Kassig”


Obama exploits the murder of an American to promote Islam.

Turkish Muslims Demand Olive Tree Destruction to Aid Genocide of Jews


“In Turkey all olive trees should be uprooted within the next three years.”

Democracy Alliance Invites Warren and Biden, Not Hillary Clinton


Obama’s money boys are sending a message.

Millionaire Congresswoman Says Income Inequality is America’s Biggest Problem

speier jackie

“The biggest problem in this country isn’t Ebola or ISIS — it’s Income inequality.”

Terrorist Organization of Imaginary Nation Announces Plan to Sue History

pals protest

Or the next best thing. Sue anyone who knows history.

“Lay its Hands on Every Dollar in America”


“Under the law we have the right to do so,”

World Jewish Congress Honors Man Who Said, “If They Put Jews into Gas Chambers in the USSR, it’s Not an American Concern”


“The strategy was to prevent Israel from humiliating Egypt again.”