Harvard Dean of College Rides Naked Man to Prove “Black Lives Matter”


That’s how he much he cares about black people.

Only 32% of White New Yorkers Approve of Radical Left-Wing Mayor Bill de Blasio


One thing whites and blacks do agree on, however, is that the city is on the wrong track:

“What Democrats Really Need is a Massive Resettlement Program.”

obama amnesty

If only there were some sort of program that could “resettle” likely Democratic voters in America.

Muslim Terrorist Throws Acid at 3 Little Girls in Israel


While Democrats bemoan “torture” the people we are fighting are deranged sadists.

School Puts on Play Against Suicide Bombing, Gets Suicide Bombed


“There were children and women crying for help. Some were running out, some were just screaming.”

Creepy Faceless “Sharia Compliant” Doll Debuts in UK

romeisa doll 3.jpg-pwrt2

“Parents won’t leave the doll with their children at night because you are not allowed to have eyes in the room.”

MSNBC: Police Keeping Working People from Achieving “Economic Justice”

<> on August 15, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.

It’s hard to redistribute wealth when your victims can just call the cops

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: America is Like Nazi Germany


Does that make Anderson Cooper, Goebbels?

9/11 Terrorist: “Send me to Gitmo”


The left insists that Guantanamo Bay is a national shame and the worst place on earth.

State Dept Fighting AP Calls to Open Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin Records


The agency already has missed deadlines it set for itself to turn over the material.

Obama Now Just Making Up His Own Bible Verses


If you’ve got your own cult of personality, you might as well have your own bible.

Muslim Imam in Europe Claims Christians Ban Birth Control to Take Over Egypt


“They instruct their women to bear many children so that Egypt will once again become a Coptic country.”

Hollywood Obama Donor in Trouble for Suggesting Obama Might Like Django


“The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate”

CBS Says “Muslim Extremists” are “Enraged” by “Torture Report” Based on One Guy From Twitter


I’ve never seen a CBS report fail this badly.

Discredited Senate Torture Report Becomes Even More Discredited


“I would be upset by it too, if it were true,” he said.

Obama Can’t Decide What Kind of War Authorization He Wants


Obama refuses to accept any level of Congressional oversight or limits to his authority

How the Palestinian Authority Manufactures its Own Martyrs


Bring your own doctor. Because you’re worth more to them dead than alive.

Ziad Abu Ein: Latest “Palestinian” Martyr is Murderer of Two


Since he appeared to have died of being out of shape and angry, it’s not clear if he gets 72 virgins.

Obama Endorses Garner Protesters Terrorizing Christmas Tree Lighting, Children


“A country’s conscience sometimes has to be triggered by some inconvenience.”

Facebook Millionaire’s Boyfriend’s Plans to Become First Gay President Don’t Look Good

Worst political kerning ever

It’s going to take a lot of mansions to make this boy’s dream come true.