CAIR Coordinated w/ACLU to Smear Mohammed Cartoonists After Shooting


Criminalizing criticism of Islam… with aid from the ACLU

Al Jazeera America Being Run Like a Crazy Racist Middle Eastern Sheikdom

al jazeera

“I’ll spend whatever I have to spend to bankrupt him in court.”

Wanted: A Republican Presidential Candidate to Speak Out on Baltimore


Bush beat Dukakis by emphasizing that Dukakis was soft on crime.

California Attorney General Linked to Crazy Templar Secret Police Force


First Black Police Chief of Masonic Police Department in a thousand years arrested

China Orders Muslims to Smoke and Get Drunk


American progs keep wishing that this country was run like China.

Arizona Muslim Voice: Mohammed Cartoon Gunman “Always Had a Positive Word for Everyone”


I’m not sure if bullets count as positive words.

Hillary Clinton Vows To Do Things to Illegal Aliens Even Obama Thought were Illegal


If there’s anyone who knows about doing illegal things, it’s Hillary Clinton.

Rick “Jews Run the Media” Sanchez Says Mohammed Cartoonists are Bigots


A guy who was fired from CNN for being a bigot shouldn’t shout “bigot”.

Why Censor Cartoonists Instead of Their Muslim Killers?

mohammed jar jar binks2

Instead it wants to censor and suppress anyone who might offend a Muslim

Jeremiah Bell Went Out Looking to Attack “Anybody Who Wasn’t Black”


“Our father was a loving and noble person, who was tragically assaulted based on the color of his skin.”