The Difference Between Brian Williams’ Lies and the Media’s Usual Lies


The media collectively told major whoppers about Katrina

Russia Continues Humiliating Obama’s Incompetent Cybersecurity


If only Obama had put in as much effort into national security as he did on targeting political opponents

Muslim Principal in Australia: ISIS a Jewish Conspiracy, Girls Who Run Lose Their Virginity


Now you don’t have to go to Saudi Arabia to be in Saudi Arabia.

Muslim Pedophile’s Lawyer: Being Raped by Muslims is Racist

Being raped by this man is very racist

Why didn’t the 13-year-old girl choose to be raped by non-Muslim men?

Islamic Terrorists Planned “Big Jihad in Italy” Against Vatican


Members of terror groups like ISIS may be hiding amongst the thousands of migrants

Muslim Smugglers to Europe Advertise Free Trips for 3 Year Olds on Facebook


Bring the kids. There’s free stuff in Europe for all.

Like ObamaCare? Get Ready for ISISCare


If you hate your doctor, you can behead your doctor.

Muslim Woman in Arizona Runs Away From Arranged Marriage, Gets Beaten and Raped


We used to hear about these kinds of stories from Afghanistan… Now they’re here

Gay Activists Demand Boycott of Fire Island After Ted Cruz Fundraiser

Ted Cruise must be stopped

“Your gay dollars spent here support America’s biggest homophobe Ted Cruise.”

New York Times’ Trolling of Ted Cruz is Really Weak


The New York Times really seems to be off its game.