LA Gang Members Fighting Al Qaeda in Syria


“Check out the enimigos right there, homie,”

Malaysia Threatens Time Magazine for Reporting Persecution of Non-Muslims


Time Magazine was urged to report on ‘more positive’ aspects of Najib Razak’s leadership

Syrian Rebels Live Tweet Islamic Court Chopping Off Man’s Hand


This is your hand. This is your hand under Islamic law.

Dog-Killing Afghan Refugee to Swedes: “Throw Me Out and I’ll Kill 10 of You”


“You just drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my ganja.”

Village Voice Accuses Harold Ramis of Racism, Global Warming Skepticism


When a man dies, it’s time for progressives to accuse him of racism.

Muslim Brotherhood Pres Morsi’s Son Arrested for Hashish


Maybe he was trying to become a Hashishin?

Dem Congresswoman on Ukraine: “We Seem to be Between Leaders Now”


Kaptur said she understood Russia’s action. “The United States was never invaded the way Russia was.”

Bluffers Assume Everyone Else is Also Bluffing


”Nobody thought Putin was going to invade last night.”

Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin Were Right about Russia


“The kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

Why Putin Invaded Ukraine

Armed servicemen stand near Russian army vehicles outside a Ukrainian border guard post in the Crimean town of Balaclava

Three words. Because he could.

CNN: Is “Putin Bullying Obama” ?


This is what American power has come down to.

Leader of Moderate Muslim Country Threatens Social Media Critics with Flogging, Stoning to Death


“I’m very grateful for His Majesty’s outstanding leadership and his friendship,” Obama said.

Taxation for the Sake of Taxation


Sixty-nine per cent would want a top rate tax of 50 per cent even if it brought in no money.

European Union Tells US Not to Kill Killers, Kills Children


In only one year Belgium has executed nearly as many people as the US has in 35 years

Chicago Joins Bill de Blasio’s War on Horses


The left has opened yet another front in its endless War on Everything

Muslim School in UK: No Female Science Teachers Wanted


The left pretends that its multicultural system is more inclusive. It’s not. It adds tiers of discrimination.

Obama’s Interior Secretary to Dying Eskimos: “I’ve Listened to Your Stories, Now I Have to Listen to the Animals.”


“I sat there in labor not knowing if I was going to die or my kid was going to die. “

Greenpeace Co-Founder: No Evidence of Man-Made Global Warming


“We are not capable of predicting which way temperatures will go next.”

White House Cites Economist Who Praised “Model of Socialism Pioneered by the Soviet Union”


“Only socialism can assure everyone material comfort, individual security”

Ex-Head of UK Socialized Medicine Claims Trying to Legalize Raping 10-Year-Olds was “Mistake”


The document also called for incest to be legalized.