Gov. Moonbeam: Ted Cruz Unfit Because He Doesn’t Believe in Climate Crusade

California drank the Kool Aid

“My own belief is that California has a unique place on the planet. It’s been a place of dreams.”

Muslim Convert Jailed After Declaring Islamic State of Ireland and Britain

Undated handout booking photograph of British teenager Brusthom Ziamani, who was found guilty of plotting to behead a soldier in London

“Implement sharia in our lands and UK. Kill every gay, every shia, every les.”

MSNBC Invites Illiterate Hamas Apologist to Denounce Republicans


“The Republican Party supports Israel because its base is “xenophobic, nativist.”

There’s a Very Easy Way to End Sanctuary Cities


Let’s start with Los Angeles, the original sanctuary city.

Obama: “Let’s Make a Deal”, Iran Leader: “Death to America”


“Of course yes, death to America.”

US Forces Evacuate Yemen After Al Qaeda Takes Over City


Al Qaeda is on the run. Obama said so.

Obama’s Israeli Community Organizers Never Got to Drink Their Free Beer


“When all this ends I will be unemployed.”

Al Jazeera America is Running Out of People to Fire


Al Jazeera no longer has a news network

Saudi Tries to Rape Idaho Student, Gets Released, Tries it Again


He had entered three separate dorms, each time touching the male and female occupants

Draft Biden Petition Asks: “Why Not Biden?”

Biden could be commended for “playing an important role in ending the Iraq War”.