Congress Shuts Door on Obama’s Plan to Close Gitmo


Won’t someone think of all the poor moderate terrorists?

French Jews Flee Muslim Anti-Semitism to Quebec


French immigration to Quebec has skyrocketed

Gentle Giant Drop Kicks Mom and Baby to Steal Cell Phone

gentle giant

He was being sought for running up and karate-kicking the new mom

Networks Spent 70% More Time Attacking GOP Staffer Than Covering Gruber


Two network news vans camped outside of Lauten’s parents home

EPA Spent $700,000 to Reduce Pig Flatulence in Thailand


$1,500,000 annually to store out-of-date and unwanted publications

It’s Hard Work Being an Islamic State Jihadist


“I’m fed up. My iPod doesn’t work any more here. I have to come back.”

As New York Goes Down the Toilet, Bill de Blasio Resumes War on Horses

bill de blasio horses3

“This is awful news to give a working family just before the holidays.”

USA Today Celebrates Oppressed Ferguson Drug Dealer Throwing Rock at Cops


“I want to physically fight the police for all the stuff they have done to me.”

Vice Chair of Jordan’s Parliament: “Hating the Jews is a Great Honor For Me”

khalil atteh

“Yes, I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews.”

STRATFOR Claims Muslim Brotherhood Opposes Violence


Beware of the Japanese-Turkish alliance against America.

UK ISIS Bombmaker Claims to Have Radioactive Dirty Bomb


The Iraqi UN ambassador has confirmed it.

Group Promoting Black Abortions Joins #BlackLivesMatter Campaign


Black lives matter… unless leftists decide to take them.

Obama Wants $263 Mil to “Fix” Relations Between Black People and Police


Maybe if we gave the money to black people and cops it would work

White, Hispanic Cops Claim They Are Discriminated Against After Shootings


And so inevitably anti-racist efforts turn racist.

Muslim Terrorists Want to Stage a European 9/11 for Christmas


Muslims have plans to give Europe a Christmas present.

Obama’s Old College has a Course Where Students Campaign for Democrats


When it was clear Hagan was going to lose, Tieman began “gross-sobbing and ugly-crying.”

Homelessness Up 13% in New York Under Socialist Mayor


Bill de Blasio manufactured a homeless crisis

Ferguson Grand Jury Truthers Desperately Turning to Scalia


The lefty side of the blogsphere is a very crazy place

Non-Muslim University Chaplains Resign Over Special Treatment for Muslims


“There is no room for negotiation and there will be no more further conversation”

AP Covered Up Hamas Attacks on its Own Reporters


“Hamas fighters would burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff—and the AP wouldn’t report it.”